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Winnipeg Resource List

What are my options?


The first thing you need to know when considerating medication for Autism/ADHD is that you have options. Whether you’re a neurodivergent person trying to live your best life or a caregiver struggling to make treatment decisions, it’s important to know what else is out there .


And it’s especially important to know what supports, resources and interventions are available in your own community


To help get you started, we’ve rounded up a number of non-medication resources available in communities across Canada.  These resources are expressly designed to assist with the challenges faced by people living with ASD/ADHD and related conditions. 


Resources like these enable many neuro-divergent people to thrive with reduced doses of medication - or in some cases, none at all.   Always talk to your healthcare provider before making any treatment decisions or changes to your medications.

Scroll down to find resources available in your city/geographic area. Your hometown isn’t listed?  Please keep checking back - we are working to add more regions.


Winnipeg Region

St Amant     204-256-4301

Comprehensive not-for-profit resource providing support to Manitobans with developmental disabilities and autism.

Programs and Services include:  

  • Early intervention and respite services

  • Large residence for complex care

  • More than 100 community sites and homes

  • River Road Child Care Centre

  • Home and School consults/ support for children with autism


Inspire Community Outreach  204-996-1547

Non-profit agency supporting families, children and youth with all types of differences, including behavioural challenges, ADHD, anxiety, and Autism.

Services Include:

  • Advocacy, education and programming support for families with children to age 21.

  • Stabilization support  for families with children age 3-29, who are in high levels of distress and whose needs are not currently being met through existing social services and mental health systems.   

Family Advocacy Network (FAN)

Network of family members and caregivers of people, both children and adults, with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Membership is free and province wide.

Provides opportunities for families to get together with, learn from and encourage and support other families. Formed to advocate for positive changes in supports and services.

Activities Include:

  • Resource and information sharing

  • Peer support and community connections

  • Advocacy/Lobbying government

  • Community meetings to identity family’s needs and concerns.



Neurodiversity Manitoba  httpo//   Jillian@neurodiversityMb.Ca

Services on sliding scale based on household incomes.

Services Include:

  • Provides individual consulting by phone call or video chat

  • Coaching and advocacy to public health and educational resources for neuro-diverse children.

Connecting Through Horses -Sagehill Stables  1-800-217-4184

Non-profit organization using horses that have been demonstrated to improve physical, mental or spiritual wellness for at-risk populations, inclusiving persons with disabilities and mental health disorders.

Programs Include:

  • Speech and language pathology

  • Equine assisted life skill program

Transformative Music Therapy  204-764-0314

Offers trauma-informed music therapy services for individuals, families and organizations in Winnipeg and rural Manitoba.  

  • Partners with organizations to offer free services to their participants

  • Offers sliding scale pricing options to our private clients

  • Offers select services for free throughout the year

  • Actively seeks out grants to help fund private sessions.

Prelude Music  204-800-1332

Music therapists specialized in working with children and adolescents with various diagnoses.

Goals of Therapy may Include:

  • Improved executive function

  • Improved social skills

  • Improved communication

  • Improved motor skills


This resource information is provided to assist in making informed decisions about your care or that of your loved one.  Inclusion in this list does not imply endorsement of a given resource, program or  treatment approach by SOAR. 

 Halifax Region



·Girl Strong

Program offered by Autism Nova Scotia 902-446 4995


Small group workshops aimed at helping adolescent girls (ages 12 to 18) on the autism spectrum cope with anxiety more effectively.  Participants attend six weekly sessions, with each session helping them learn to better understand their emotions and gain practical strategies to manage their anxiety.

·Autism Aviators program offered by Autism Nova Scotia in partnership with Halifax Stanfield Airport 902-446-4995 or toll-free 1-877-544-4495


Designed to reduce the stress, upset and potential meltdowns experienced by some autistic children and youth when travelling by air.  Prepares participating families for a positive air travel experience through resource material as well as a professionally guided airport walk-through showing and explaining each step of air travel – from preparing to go to the airport, checking in, going through security and finally, boarding the plane.  

Dartmouth South Professional Centre

Services for children, adolescents, adults and families, all designed to improve quality of life for individuals with behavioral and emotional challenges - including those associated with ADHD.   A variety of treatment approaches tailored to suit the needs of children adolescents and adults, including:



  • Social Skills Training

  • ADHD Psychosocial Treatment

  • Play Therapy

  • Behavioural Therapy

  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT)

  • Family Therapy.

Spirit Psychological ADHD Coaching 


ADHD Coaching and Psycho-educational counselling to assist with:



  • Understanding ADHD and how it impacts you

  • Developing techniques to improve attention/focus

  • Improving impulse control

  • Improving time management

  • Developing planning skills

  • Maximizing productivity

  • Setting and attaining goals

  • Increasing confidence

  • Learning to self-advocate

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