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Volunteer with SOAR!   As a small non-profit, we rely on the dedication of talented volunteers.

We offer a range of volunteer opportunities for volunteers of all ages and abilities. Contribute to our advocacy, education, or fundraising efforts. Engage with your local community or connect with the neuro-diverse community online. Learn about the different ways you can get involved below!

Available Volunteer Positions:


Blog Contributor

SOAR’s blog features opinions, expertise, advice, stories, dialogue, and resources that provide an added source of support and information for autistic and other neuro-diverse individuals and their families seeking a stronger voice around medication and other related issues.

If you are interested in sharing your experiences and viewpoints with others, apply now! We are always on the lookout for new guest writers to contribute a post to the SOAR blog. Self-advocates, siblings, parents, caregivers, educators, and autism professionals are welcome to apply.


Write a 500-750 word blog entry for SOAR’s blog.  Blog posts may be on any topic related to your personal or professional experience with autism, or other neuro-diverse conditions and/or  issues relating to over use of psychiatric medications.  We welcome a broad range of perspectives communicated respectfully and hope through our blog to educate, provoke thought, stimulate discussion and facilitate dialogue.  All topic proposals are subject to SOAR approval and all approved posts are subject to editing by the SOAR team.  Contributors are also required to submit a short author bio. Contributors may request anonymity via a pseudonym if desired. 

If you are interested in becoming a blog contributor please contact us by clicking here.

Community Advisory Council Member:

SOAR has developed a Community Advisory Council in order to broaden our base of knowledge and experience.    Our Community Advisory Council is a group of community volunteers who provide feedback and input to our Board, helping ensure diversity through representation of professional expertise as well as representation of neuro-minorities within SOAR's mandate.   The feedback we receive from Council members helps ensure that our programming is suited to the needs of the community and reflects best practice. We are seeking two categories of volunteers to join our Community Advisory Council:

Professional Advisors:


Professional advisors are selected for their wealth of experience and knowledge in a certain field. It is our hope that these members will use their expertise to guide our undertakings, as well as to broaden our professional network. They are an essential part of our success in opening new doors and reaching a wider audience. These are low commitment roles that have a high impact. 


Lived Experience Advisors:

Lived experience advisors are selected for their personal experience living as a member a neuro-minority, and their passion for drawing on their own experiences to help others who may face similar challenges or barriers.  They are essential to ensuring that we develop programming that meets the needs of the people we aim to support.     

If you are interested in becoming a professional adviser or lived experience advisor please contact us by clicking here.


Event Volunteer

SOAR's event volunteers provide assistance at fundraisers and events.


Event volunteers will assist SOAR staff in a variety of ways, such as

  • greeting and interacting with event participants

  • distributing materials and information about SOAR

  • organizing supplies

  • assisting with event set up and clean up

The specific tasks assigned to you as an event volunteer will depend on the nature of the event, as well as your interests, abilities and available time.

If you are interested in becoming an event volunteer or please contact us by clicking here.

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